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  •         MLS Coverage Area
    What areas of the market you have access to.
  •         Requires an active MLS ID
    Privy checks your Agent ID to make sure your license is active.
  •         Daily and Hourly Deal Emails
    How frequent Privy will send you emails with deals that match your criteria.
  •         Search Criteria
    Advanced search features not available on the MLS.
  •         Save and track properties
    Ability to save and track properties so you’ll always be up to date.
  •         LiveCMA™
    Access to Privy’s proprietary one click live comparative market analysis designed specifically for investment properties.
  •         Investor Comps
    Access to our exclusive investor comps that show before and after pictures, profit spreads, timelines and more.
  •          Live-Market Updates
    We show you up to the minute statistics on Active Deals in your market.
  •         Company Branding
    We display a photo of you or your logo on your user’s Privy Dashboard. They can view your contact information and click it to view your full profile.
  •         Off-Market Deal Analysis
    Easy Analysis and all Comps for off-market properties.
  •         Investor Clients
    Number of clients you can manage and market to using Privy.
  •         Live Profile Lead Generator
    Get leads from Privy users. When new users join Privy they need to select an agent to work with. As a “Growth” user, your profile will be displayed prompting users to select you.
  •         Email Branding
    All daily and hourly email updates sent to your investors are sent “Courtesy of You” and have your photo or logo,and contact information displayed.


$74/ MONTH
  • Entire MLS coverage area
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  • Yes
  • Daily and hourly emails
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  • Advanced
  • *Tooltip goes here...
  • *Tooltip goes here...
  • Unlimited
  • 5 clients maximum
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$112/ MONTH
  • Entire MLS coverage area
  • Yes
  • Daily and hourly emails
  • Advanced
  • **Tooltip goes here...
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited leads