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The fastest way to investing success, Privy empowers you to find and track the very best real estate investors and replicate their strategies to grow your portfolio.

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Direct to MLS Data in Major Markets

Get access to the most valuable, up to date, and complete data available. This combined with our powerful comping engine gives users accurate valuations at the click of a button.

Daata Points

Patent Pending Technology

Track investment activity nationwide. Get unique local market insight to help make data driven decisions. Find deeply discounted deals automatically.


Off-Market Leads and County Record Data

Get access to distressed owner information like; foreclosures, vacancies and absentee owners. Create and export targeted lists for high value marketing campaigns.

How Privy Works


Easily track successful investment activity in the country.


Use the information to identify profitable investment strategies and markets.


Automatically Find and Analyze similar deals with one, simple click.

How to Invest In Real Estate A Guide


How to Invest In Real Estate: A Guide

If you haven’t already jumped into real estate investing, you’re missing out on one of the best ways to build long-term wealth! However, jumping in without a plan or expert insights can leave you without the revenue you hoped for.

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Why Privy?

Privy finds, analyzes, and tracks the activity of the best real estate investors in the country in real time.


We use this data to provide exact roadmaps of where, when, what, and how to invest in real time.

This unique data set allows anyone to invest like the Pros and allows Pros to acquire and sell at scale.

Who We Are

The minds behind Privy have been working in the Real Estate Investing business for some time.
Our mission is to help you close more deals using our technology and resources that are aimed towards eliminating the need for expensive guru education. We want to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Privy was started by Scott Fahl in 2012 as a way to help investors and agents close more deals in less time. Scott was working with investing clients, and spending all his time trying to find deals for his clients on the MLS. He had more clients than he did properties, and he needed a way to make things work more efficiently.


Scott Fahl

Founder + CEO

Founder and Managing Partner Passionate about investment real estate, the outdoors, and building amazing software. Current City - Denver, CO

Benson Juarez

Managing Partner + Biz Dev

Customer Success and Business Development, Hiker and real estate enthusiast Current City – Denver, CO

Doug Hays


Skier, hiker, baseball coach, basketball coach, and father of four likely current locations: somewhere outdoors

Tools to help you grow

Privy is growing quickly and we’re adding new markets all the time.


What Our Clients Say

Mark Groscup, Real Estate Agent - invested in 6 properties through Privy Real Estate Investment Software
Mark GroscupReal Estate Agent - invested in 6 properties through Privy

I can spend 2 or 3 days evaluating one house using traditional methods, or I can spend half an hour using Privy. Privy is the most phenomenal program we've ever used in our lives. I am a technology-driven agent. Everything for us is how many deals can we bring to our customers and how much money can we make them.

Ajani Corneiro, Real Estate Investor who invested in 3 properties through Privy Real Estate Investment Software
Ajani CorneiroReal Estate Investor - invested in 3 properties through Privy

What I like best about Privy is the ability to see dynamic information about my subject property and its comps on one screen. Privy helped me with my fix-n-flip by providing a simple yet detailed interface, that collaborated all the necessary information to effectively market my property. I would definitely recommend Privy to other investors. Privy is my go-to application when I’m initially evaluating any property—both on and off-market. Time is money and with Privy, you’re investing in yourself and your business... Great tool!

Emma Travis Howard invested through Privy Real Estate Investment Software
Emma Travis HowardBuy 'N Hold Investor - invested in 2 properties through Privy

I like Privy because it eliminates that research, going to the internet, trying to find information here and there. Privy is an all in one package... it's all there. It's dummy-proof. You can see everything, a total snapshot, Boom with Privy!

Carl Woodard is a wholesaler who invested in 5 properties through Privy Real Estate Investment Software
Carl WoodardWholesaler - invested in 5 properties through Privy

I can describe it like this... When I first got my hands on Privy and I learned the's almost like a kid on Christmas who got an Xbox. You stay up all night and you just play the game!

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Ready to Invest like a Pro?

Get the inside scoop on what truly works for investors.

Privy simplifies the process as it is the only real estate investment software that uses “Investing Data Education” from live market events, investor activity, and strategies to prove the best areas to invest for every type of real estate investor and every type of strategy.

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Your Privy questions, answered

  • Are the comps coming from the MLS?

    Privy comps come from the MLS and are updated all day every day. We pull sold, active, under contract and pending comps. We also pull data and build “investor comps.” It’s all there and added to our LiveCMA™ technology for fast and accurate analysis.

  • Does Privy work for wholesalers?

    Heck yes! Wholesalers love Privy. We make it easy for you to prove value, showcase and share your properties with our LiveCMA technology. You can email properties with notes to as many people as you like.

  • How does Privy find deals?

    Privy uses sophisticated algorithms to source deals from the MLS. The deals displayed are customized for each user, as the user’s input is added to the algorithm before any deal is found.

  • What types of deals can I find using Privy?

    Privy’s algorithm can find flips, pop-tops and teardowns.

  • Can I get help setting up and using Privy?

    Of course. You can call customer support at 1-844-438-7748 or set up a one-on-one screen share. Honestly, you probably won’t need the help. Privy is remarkably easy to set up. The platform has built in tutorials with videos as well as a help center, specifically designed to get you quickly up and running.

    Privy is all about the support. We have a private Facebook group for Privy users. It’s a great place to ask questions, post properties, or get real estate advice. Privy is also embedded with tutorials and videos so you can learn on demand. There is a very extensive help center with hundreds of articles, tips, tricks, videos and more. Finally you can contact us directly. We have an “in-app messaging” system (blue chat icon) and/or you can call us. Yes, we answer the phone. 🙂

  • How does Privy work for new investors?

    The complexities of real estate investing create an uncertainty about what will work, where to start, and what to do next. This state of mind often creates anxiety about the risk and guesswork needed to win. But there’s a fix for this. The once-unpredictable deal, with its many moving partsthat cause uncertainty and risk for investors, is now a streamlined, easy process that works for you. Privy provides the data points and the deal knowledge you need to discover profits and accurately predict construction costs and sell timelines.

  • How can Before and After pictures help me?

    Before and After pictures help you get an idea of the level of construction of a comp and how money was spent to sell the property at its previous price. This way, you don’t over-build or under-build your property compared with other homes in the area.

  • What is a Comparative Market Analysis?

    A Comparative Market Analysis or “CMA,” is the process of determining the value of a property by analyzing the properties that have sold recently.

  • When will Privy be coming to my market?

    Privy has a very aggressive growth schedule. If we are not currently available in your market please contact us (use the chat bubble—bottom right) and let us know where you are located and we’ll let you know approximately when Privy will be in your market. You can also visit our Markets page to view current and future Privy market locations.

  • Do you provide training and support?

    Privy is all about support. We have a private Facebook community for Privy users. It’s a great place to ask questions, post properties, or get real estate advice. Privy is also embedded with tutorials and videos so you can learn on demand. There is a very extensive help center with hundreds of articles, tips, tricks, videos and more. Finally you can contact us directly. We have an “in-app messaging” system (blue chat icon) and/or you can call us. Yes, we answer the phone. 🙂

  • How does the 30 day guarantee work?

    It’s simple. If you cancel your Privy membership for any reason within the first 30 days, you will receive 100% of your money back.

  • How does Privy work for advanced investors?

    As an advanced investor, you’re ready to expand in new neighborhoods, and you’ll use Privy as a springboard for your seasoned knowledge of real estate investing. With Privy, you can power into new and previously untapped markets to instantly find. We all know new markets are important, especially as the world gets more competitive. Knowing where to go to find spreads is essential.

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