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Best Real Estate Investment Software

Whether you're new to real estate investing or a seasoned pro, Privy will help you Find, Analyze and Track real estate investment deals and markets with ease!

Introducing Privy

We show you where in your market the REI pros are having the most success, what strategies they are having the most success with – and help you find like properties that you can buy today!


 Fast Track your REI success by emulating the Pros!

Mark Groscup - Real Estate Agent

'' I can spend 2 or 3 days evaluating one house using traditional methods, or I can spend half an hour using Privy. Privy is the most phenomenal program we've ever used in our lives. I am a technology-driven agent. Everything for us is how many deals can we bring to our customers and how much money can we make them. ''

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Ajani Corneiro - Real Estate Investor

'' What I like best about privy is the ability to see dynamic information about my subject property and its comps on one screen. Privy helped me with my fix-n-flip by providing a simple yet detailed interface, that collaborated all the necessary information to effectively market my property. I would definitely recommend Privy to other investors. Privy is my go-to application when I’m initially evaluating any property - both on and off-market. Time is money and with Privy, you’re investing in yourself and your business...Great tool! ''

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Emma Travis Howard - Buy-n-Hold Investor

'' I like Privy because it eliminates that research, going to the internet, trying to find information here and there. Privy is an all in one package... it's all there. It's dummy-proof. You can see everything, a total snapshot, Boom with Privy! ''

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Carl Woodard - Wholesaler

'' I can describe it like this... When I first got my hands on Privy and I learned the software...it's almost like a kid on Christmas who got an Xbox. You stay up all night and you just play the game! ''

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Interested in Becoming a Privy Partner?

We value our partnerships. From title companies, to real estate educators, to hard money lenders, and everything in between, we strive to create success for everyone we work with. Contact us today for more information!

Privy offers a wide variety of benefits to their REI Partners

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Ready to Invest like a Pro?

Get the inside scoop on what truly works for investors.

New to investing? No problem. Privy allows you to learn what types of investments are right for you and your area in a fraction of the time that the pros learned. Privy simplifies the process as it is the only real estate investment software that uses “Investing Data Education” from live market events, investor activity, and strategies to prove the best areas to invest for every type of real estate investor and every type of strategy.