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Find Investment Properties Near You

Privy provides the best data, search below to find real investment opportunities near you!

Introducing Privy

We show you where successful REI projects are happening – and help you find like properties that you can buy today. Fast track your REI success by emulating the most successful investors.

Property Investment Software and Real Time Real Estate Data

Noel Ann Renz - Real Estate Agent

'' I spent around 40 hours/week sifting through the MLS looking for deals prior to Privy. With Privy, I spend around 10 hours each week. This is 75% less time! I find between 5 and 10 deals each week using Privy. I’m super grateful that I have access to this tool to help build my business. ''

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REI Investments and Real Estate Investment Strategies

Alton Knight - Real Estate Investor

'' I wanted to let you know how much value I’ve gotten from using Privy. As a newbie real estate investor I have been focused on trying to find off-market deals. Privy provides more control - you don’t have to wait to get a deal. Privy gives you the means to find and analyze deals so you’re able to maximize your time. ''

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Real Estate Investment Strategies and Creative Real Estate Investing

Ruth Lyons - Buy-n-Hold Investor

'' I've been using Privy for nearly a year and love it. As a "fix and flip" and "buy and hold" investor, Privy puts the real-time research I need to quickly find and evaluate properties at my fingertips. I can see before and after rehab pictures of sold properties in my market so I know how to rehab for a quick sale. ''

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Wholesale Properties for Sale and Wholesale Real Estate Marketing

Joseph Smith - Wholesaler

'' I love knowing where other investors are buying, what they paid, what additions were done to the property on one page within seconds. It's truly an amazing product. I'm in technology sales. We help companies with automation & integration technology solutions so, for me, this is GOLDEN. ''

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We value our partnerships. From title companies, to real estate educators, to hard money lenders, and everything in between, we strive to create success for everyone we work with. Contact us today for more information!

Privy offers a wide variety of benefits to their REI Partners

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Ready to Invest like a Pro?

Get the inside scoop on what truly works for investors.

New to investing? No problem. Privy allows you to learn what types of investments are right for you and your area in a fraction of the time that the pros learned. Privy simplifies the process as it is the only real estate investment software that uses “MLS Data Education” from live market events, investor activity, and strategies to prove the best areas to invest for every type of real estate investor and every type of strategy.