Maximize Your Investment Strategy

Better Real Estate Investment Insights. Period.

Privy is the only real estate software that allows you to track the successful deal activity of the best real estate investors, replicate their strategies, and find profitable opportunities curated just for you. Use machine learning to see why a specific asset can bring large returns.

90+ Direct to  MLS Markets

Direct to MLS Data in Major Markets

Privy is the only software with DIRECT access to MLS data in 90+ major markets. Get access to the most valuable, up-to-date, and complete data available. See how Privy can get more done in just a few minutes.

Over 150 Million MLS Properties with Accurate Valuations

Million MLS Properties with Accurate Valuations

Privy optimizes the real estate investment process by making extensive data actionable and accessible in one platform. Agents gain access investor activity and relevant market updates.

Less Than 15 Seconds Between Data Updates

Minutes Between Data Updates

With continuous live integrations to some of the most trusted sources in the industry, Privy's data updates in real time. Fast and flexible deal alerts let you stay notified even on the go. 

Ready to Unleash the Possibilities (and the Profits) with the NEW Privy?

Introducing Nationwide Coverage, 25+ New Major MLS Markets and RENTAL Property Analysis

How is Privy Different from Other Software?

Privy gives you a competitive advantage with its unique process of compiling multiple live data sources in one place. Privy will have you optimizing your investment strategy and converting more deals into offers in 1, 2, 3. Privy offers an easier way to acquire residential real estate and helps you to navigate local markets by:

Tracking all successful investment activity across the country


Using the information collected to identify profitable investment opportunities and leads unique to you


Automatically finding and analyzing similar deals with a simple click

Privy software

Be the Smartest Real Estate Agent in the Room

 With Privy’s powerful features, investor activity, auto deal finder, comparables, market analysis, and real-time alerts, you can be a local expert in minutes. 

Privy provides agents with the benefit of superior market knowledge. Understanding changes in local and national data is easy with Privy's intelligent features, sophisticated algorithms, and easy-to-digest metrics. With investor comps, you stay updated and keep your clients attuned to where and how deals are being implemented across the country.  Privy also helps agents do much more:

  • Set up systems that automatically keep your clients engaged, informed, and actively pursuing deals with Auto Deal Finder, list uploads, downloads, and real time notifications.
  • Leverage the MLS data within Privy to get results. With our algorithms and the data they provide, working with investors will become effortless, offering you the ability to automate processes and close deals.  
  • By finding better deals, analyzing properties effectively, educating your investor clients, and writing offers, you will feel more empowered and so will those who partner with you.