About Privy

Founded by software and real estate experts, Privy explains, elevates, and evolves the investing experience to create better opportunities for investors and agents.

Privy's Mission

When Privy was founded, we set out on a mission to provide investors and agents with innovative tools and trusted real time data to help them reach their real estate investment goals. Every day Privy's team remains fully focused on our vision to change how real estate investing is done.

Female real estate agent using Privy website app to find a property in California

Real Estate Software Built for the Digital-First World

Why Did We Start Privy?

Scott Fahl, Privy's founder, got his passion for real estate long before he understood the pace at which the world would depend on digitization. With his passion, what Scott understood was a need for automation and he sought to leverage technology to enable real estate investors and agents to thrive. Aware of his passion for finding investment clients the best properties and the incredible advantages of technology in other industries, he was exhausted by the inadequacies in both the real estate industry and the investment space and became overwhelmed by how long and tedious deal-finding was. 

Privy Male Engineering Employee in Denver Office with laptop
Software To Automate Tedious Tasks

With so much opportunity in real estate investing, and the fact that it is the best way to generate long term returns through passive income, Scott knew that finding superior deals would require an innovative solution and a new way of sourcing and comparing multiple data sources in seconds. 

Utilizing the power of technology and machine learning, Scott automated processes done on other software, like analyzing databases and comparing properties, and took it a step further offering a direct integration with the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Putting all of these solutions in one place, Privy was born. Privy delivers time-saving tech: allowing users to automatically analyze the spread on each property, pull investor comps within predefined boundaries, and create a LiveCMA™

Designed to maximize potential, Privy lets users focus more on closing deals, than endless searching for them.

Meet our Team, Redefining Real Estate Investing

Scott Fahl

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Inspired by Paul Cadden, wanted to see what life was like as a professional artist. 

Joe Scharf

Chief Technology Officer

As a kid, he dressed up as a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III computer for Halloween and forced his sister to be a telephone.

Parul Acharya

Compliance Manager

Born in India, raised in UK, lives in US, who knows where she will retire!

Natalie Bernacchi

Director of Customer Success

Invited Jim Carey to her 7th birthday. He didn't come, but he sent a signed headshot.

Brittany Carcova

Director of Marketing

Judged the international spelling bee in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Doug Hayes

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Has triplet sons and had triplet roommates in college. 

Benson Juarez

Managing Partner

Growing up, he was a champion at Stop Thief! 

Susie Kuretski

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Born in Gyeongsan, South Korea, or the 'Museum without Walls.' 

Scott Kronzek

Director of Partnerships

Has taken the ultimate cross-country road trip, twice. 

Christian Pronio

Customer Success Manager

Once banned from a haunted house for scaring employees.

Michael Sgroi

Staff Engineer

Designed 2 custom 3D printing modifications, one of which won and placed for international awards.


Dream Role

Privy is Proudly Located in Denver, Colorado

Privy Real Estate Investing Software is located in Denver, Colorado

The Strategic Approach to Real Estate Investing

Change the way you look at residential real estate. Whether you are an investor looking to optimize conversion or an agent who works with investors, Privy will unlock data-driven insights to maximize value and time. Find deals that close, comps that provide real guidance, and make connections that enable future transactions.  With superior data, more listings, and more sellers, Privy produces returns, not just records.