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Founded by software and real estate industry experts, Privy explains, elevates, and evolves the investing experience to help create better opportunities.

Privy's Mission

Our mission is to help you close more deals using our technology and resources that are aimed towards eliminating the need for expensive guru education. We want to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Founder and CEO of Privy Real Estate Investment Software Scott Fahl

Our Story

Privy was started by Scott Fahl in 2012 as a way to help investors and agents close more deals in less time.

Scott was working with investing clients, and spending all his time trying to find deals for his clients on the MLS. He had more clients than he did properties, and he needed a way to make things work more efficiently.

By creating a hotlist every day, and sending it out to investors, Scott was able to aggregate the data every day from the MLS, and cut his time down dramatically, but it wasn’t enough. Different clients need different things, and it was difficult to spend the time to analyze every single property in every single neighborhood in order to get his clients the information they needed to make an informed investment decision. Scott was the linchpin for his investors finding and analyzing deals. He was spending all his time on the MLS, and not enough time writing offers and actually closing deals.

Privy Real Estate Investment Software pulling data from the MLS

Software to automate tedious tasks

Like searching the MLS, analyzing properties, and running comps

Scott decided to enlist the help of technology, and Privy was born. Scott was able to create software that automatically analyzes the spread on each property, pulls investor comps within predefined boundaries, and creates a LiveCMA™. The deals were now appearing in an easy to understand visual manner, and Scott no longer had to spend hours searching through every new property that hit the market.

Instead of hours, Scott was able to get his investors what they needed in minutes. He had dramatically freed up his time to focus on what matters.

Now, instead of Scott sending his clients deals and seeing if they were interested, it was the other way around. Clients are now going through the data themselves and sending Scott the deals they were most interested in. Scott was spending his time writing offers, and going to closings, instead of finding deals.

Meet Our Team

Scott Fahl

Founder + CEO

Passionate about investment real estate, the outdoors, and building amazing software
Current Location: Denver, CO

Benson Juarez

Managing Partner + Biz Dev

Hiker and real estate enthusiast
Current Location: Denver, CO

Doug Hays


Skier, hiker, baseball coach, basketball coach, and father of four
Current Location: somewhere outdoors

What Our Clients Say

Mark Groscup, Real Estate Agent - invested in 6 properties through Privy Real Estate Investment Software
Mark GroscupReal Estate Agent - invested in 6 properties through Privy

I can spend 2 or 3 days evaluating one house using traditional methods, or I can spend half an hour using Privy. Privy is the most phenomenal program we've ever used in our lives. I am a technology-driven agent. Everything for us is how many deals can we bring to our customers and how much money can we make them.

Ajani Corneiro, Real Estate Investor who invested in 3 properties through Privy Real Estate Investment Software
Ajani CorneiroReal Estate Investor - invested in 3 properties through Privy

What I like best about Privy is the ability to see dynamic information about my subject property and its comps on one screen. Privy helped me with my fix-n-flip by providing a simple yet detailed interface, that collaborated all the necessary information to effectively market my property. I would definitely recommend Privy to other investors. Privy is my go-to application when I’m initially evaluating any property—both on and off-market. Time is money and with Privy, you’re investing in yourself and your business... Great tool!

Emma Travis Howard invested through Privy Real Estate Investment Software
Emma Travis HowardBuy 'N Hold Investor - invested in 2 properties through Privy

I like Privy because it eliminates that research, going to the internet, trying to find information here and there. Privy is an all in one package... it's all there. It's dummy-proof. You can see everything, a total snapshot, Boom with Privy!

Carl Woodard is a wholesaler who invested in 5 properties through Privy Real Estate Investment Software
Carl WoodardWholesaler - invested in 5 properties through Privy

I can describe it like this... When I first got my hands on Privy and I learned the software...it's almost like a kid on Christmas who got an Xbox. You stay up all night and you just play the game!

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