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Turn Your Investors into Home Buying Machines with Privy™

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A simple and profitable formula

Working with investors has its challenges. So we designed Privy™ to make working with investors a fun and profitable experience. Privy incorporates your MLS data into next level, investment focused, business intelligence, software and algorithms and packages it a beautiful user interface. The results provide Agents with real time massive investment market knowledge, the ability to effortlessly educate and empower their clients and automate the entire process of finding deals, tracking markets, creating CMA’s and much more. If you are or want to work with investors Privy will ensure you close more deals in less time and be the smartest agent in the room.

The PrivyTM Formula

(Knowledge * Empowerment) + Automation = Close More Deals In Less Time

Expand your knowledge

Investors expect Agents to possess a high level of investment knowledge. This knowledge can take years to obtain. With Privy’s powerful features – Investor Activity, Hot Area Locator, Live Updates, LiveCMA’s – you can be the smartest Agent in the room in a matter of minutes.

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Empower your clients

Finding deals, analyzing properties, educating your investors, writing low-ball offers all over town, on top of all the other things you do on a daily basis, can be extremely time consuming and may put you at risk of burnout. Privy allows you to educate and empower your clients with ease. Get your time back and focus on what really matters, closing more deals.

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Automate your business

Setting up systems that automatically keep your clients engaged, informed, actively pursuing deals and providing you with new client leads are major benefits to using Privy. Learn how you can automate your business in a matter of minutes.

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Learn How To Take Your Business To The Next Level In 30 Minutes

Privy works around the clock to analyze your new or local markets and sends you profitable deals, automatically. Schedule a demo with us and we’ll show you how you can have the Privy competitive advantage in less than 30 minutes.

Jon Sommer

"Privy™ helps me assess the right kinds of deals by reviewing the prices of similar homes in the neighborhood, and Privy puts in front of me lots of data—instantly—so I can make a decision."

Jon Sommer, Agent - Denver, CO - http://www.jsorealty.com

Ruth McElroy

"Privy™, is an advantage because it gets you to the deal first. Then, it gives you the information you need to make the best offer."

Ruth McElroy — Agent; Denver, CO - http://yourcastle.org/roster/RuthMcElroy/

Melissa Rosario

Before you know it, you find deals that you really can't find on your own through the MLS without a lot of extra steps.

Melissa Rosario

Noel Renz, Agent

"I would spend 6 hours a day and come up with maybe one or two that I felt were realistic properties. Now I spend 1-2 hours a day and come up with 20 realistic properties for my investors"

Noel Renz, Agent - Denver, CO - http://www.renzresource.com/noelann

Patty Rhodes

"I can look at 175 properties in roughly, 15 minutes with privy™. The proof of profit in the spread reduces risk for everyone involved — and that’s how privy™ enables me to get deals done quicker."

Patty Rhodes — Agent and Investor; Denver, CO - www.linkedin.com/in/patty-rhodes-34a03220

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