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Automate and dominate

Intelligent Systems That Work Around The Clock.

Integrate Privy into your real estate business and it's automation features will allow you to stay in front of your clients by delivering them relevant deals, data and knowledge on auto-pilot. With Privy you can easily work with as many investors as you like which will have you closing more deals in less time and on your way to having your best year ever!


Stay in front in center with your clients

Adding Privy to your team has many advantages. But maybe the biggest is how easy you can stay in front of and relevant to your clients. Privy on your behalf will send your clients deals, notifications, relevant market information as well as LiveCMA’s for simple deal analysis.

Market Analysis

Stay up to date and informed

Privy tracks your entire market for what other investors are having success with and can be set to send updates on investment properties as they close. Updating your clients and potential clients with what’s happening in your market is surprisingly easy with Privy.

Deal Finder

Privy does all the heavy lifting of finding and delivering deals so you don’t have to.

Privy is amazing at finding deals! Add automation and instant notifications to the mix and Privy quickly becomes an integral part of the team.


Providing relevant comps and data to your clients is a major part of being a great agent.

Privy’s LiveCMA technology can auto create a CMA for any deal type that includes relevant active, under-contract, pending, sold and investor comps in a fraction of a second. The LiveCMA’s update with new information (status changes, new comps, price changes and more) and will highlight the new information the next time someone opens it.

More clients, closings, & time — automate

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency."
- Bill Gates

Privy’s intelligent automation capabilities are guaranteed to make you more efficient, keep you up to date and out you in a position to have your best year ever. Sign-up today and take your business to the next level.

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