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Superior market knowledge

It's Easy With Privy's Intelligent Features And Sophisticated Algorithms.

Investors expect Agents to possess a high level of investment knowledge. This knowledge can take years to obtain. With Privy’s powerful features - Investor Activity, Hot Area Locator, Live Updates, Powerful Notifications - you can be the smartest Agent in the room in a matter of minutes.

Investor Activity

A game changer for everyone practicing investment real estate

There is no better way to gain market knowledge, find investment deals and get your clients up to speed on market happenings then to see and learn from what other investors are having success with. Instead of searching for hours for examples of successful deals you can do it in seconds with Privy.

Hot Area Locator

How’s the market? The #1 question for real estate Agents.

What if someone asks you..."How's the investment market?" "Where are the best places to invest?" "Where can I maximize profits?" "Where are people making the most money on flips?" Can you answer those questions? If you can and with a high level of accuracy, you can land just about any investor as a client. If you can't answer these questions, don't worry, you're not alone. Just getting the information needed to answer these questions is very difficult. Now try to decipher it and keep up with it. No fun. Privy was designed to filter the universe of real estate data in order to answer all of the tuff investment questions and all to land you more investment clients . Privy is your best friend for gaining and remaining up to date on the investment market and is guaranteed to get you more clients and help you close more deals in less time.

Live Updates

Investment real estate, automated

Researching what a market is doing in one thing. Stay up to date with markets that change by the minute is something else entirely. Privy was designed to keep you and your clients informed. Whether it’s with the latest investment activity, market conditions, new deals, status changes, price changes or even new comps Privy handles all of it with ease.

Be the smartest agent in the room

"An Investment In Knowledge Always Pays The Best Interest" - Benjamin Franklin

Privy’s intelligent and powerful features keep you on top of investment market happenings by automating the entire process and delivering relevant investment market knowledge to you and your clients on autopilot.

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Smarter Real Estate Investing

Learn How To Expand Your Knowledge of New Or Local Markets

Schedule a demo with one of our Privy™ team members today to learn how expand your knowledge of new or local markets in less than 30 minutes.