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12 Jul Real Estate Trends to Be Aware Of, and How Investment Software Can Help

The housing market is hotter than ever, and if you want to turn up the volume on your passion for real estate investment, you need to do two things: Keep your finger on the pulse of housing trends...


10 Jul Beginner’s Guide to REI: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

If you’re ready to dive in and launch your career in real estate investing (REI), you’re in good company: Real estate investing is one of the safest bets you can make, even in a volatile market....


1 Jun 4 Ways Privy Can Expand Your Real Estate Knowledge

Any seasoned investor will tell you that a successful real estate business begins with knowledge. The best investors never stop learning about all things real estate and the dynamic, ever-evolving...


24 May How Can REI Software Work for Me?

Modern technology is completely transforming the real estate industry. With real estate investing (REI) on the rise, agents and investors are always looking for ways to gain a competitive edge in...


17 May How Real-Time Comps from Privy Can Change Your REI Strategy

In the real estate business, timing is everything. A few minutes can mean the difference between landing and losing a highly profitable deal. To be successful in the competitive world of real...


9 May Here’s the Competitive Advantage Real Estate Investors Don’t Want You to Know

Like any profitable industry, real estate can be highly competitive. Seasoned investors know all too well that landing the best deals means beating competitors to the punch. While the world of...


26 Apr 3 Tricks for Doing a Fix & Flip as Your First Investment

Home prices are on the rise and research shows that the housing market has (finally) recovered after a decade of much-needed restoration. Experts say that residential real estate investing is a...


20 Apr Are We In the Midst of a Housing Bubble?

A decade after the housing bubble burst, sending the U.S. into the Great Recession, economists, investors, and homeowners alike are wondering whether we’re heading in the same direction. With home...


12 Apr REI Investing Tips: When Is It the Right Time to Scrape Your Investment Property?

You purchased an investment property, and now you’re faced with a challenging decision: to rehab or to rebuild? While many investors decide to go the traditional fix & flip route, when the timing...


5 Apr REI Investing Tips: When Is It the Right Time to Pop the Top on Your REI Property?

You’ve landed the perfect investment property and you’re considering popping the top to maximize your returns. With 5.51 million existing homes sold in 2017, there is a lot to be said for pulling...

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