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11 May How Do Real Estate Wholesalers Make Money?

How do real estate wholesalers make money? – Very carefully!   All kidding aside, when you’re looking at wholesaling houses for beginners, it can take quite a lot of work. Real estate wholesaling...


9 May How to Find Wholesale Real Estate Properties Worth Your Investment

Wholesaling real estate can be a great strategy for a beginner, or someone who only has a limited amount of time and money to start with.   Many people consider it a ‘transitional’ real estate...


7 May Actionable Data + Done-for-You Marketing: How Hard Money Lenders Can Use Investor Database Software

Hard money lending runs on communications. As an experienced hard money lender, you know that it's important to keep in touch with investors so that everyone's on the same page.   One of the...


3 May 4 Ways Real Estate Database Software Helps Hard Money Lenders Save Time + Money

In real estate, hard money lending can be an excellent way to build an established business that brings in money consistently.   As a plus, offering hard money for real estate investors requires...


11 Sep How the Right Real Estate Investment (REI) Software Can Save You Time and Help You Succeed

Entrepreneurs searching for smart investment opportunities understand that among the soundest in 2018 is real estate.  Why?  Because a decade after the housing market collapsed, it’s rebounded big...

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