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  • Are the comparables coming from the MLS?

    Privy comparables come directly from the MLS and are updated multiple times an hour. We pull sold, active, under contract, and pending comps. We also pull data and build “investor comps” to help you effectively apply a successful investment strategy market by market, block by block.  It’s all there and added to our LiveCMA™ technology for fast and accurate, in-depth, and highly localized analysis.

  • How does Privy find better deals?

    Privy uses sophisticated algorithms to source deals directly from the MLS and other exclusionary data sources. The deals displayed are customized for each user, as the user’s input is added to the algorithm before any deal is found. Through machine learning, the software is able to better forecast opportunity the more you use it.

  • What is a Comparative Market Analysis?

    Privy's Comparative Market Analysis or Live CMA™, is the process of determining the value of a property by analyzing the properties that have sold recently within that area.

  • What types of deals can I find using Privy?

    Privy specializes in residential real estate and the software’s algorithm can find residential properties throughout the United States offering unique segmentation to analyze investments as flips, rehabs, buy and hold, pop-tops, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), and teardowns.

  • How can Before and After pictures of properties help me?

    Before and After pictures help you understand the scope of work involved in a renovation or rehab project. Getting an idea of the level of construction and cost associated with a comp, helps you evaluate the deal potential so you don’t over-build or under-build your property compared with other homes in the area. Privy is designed to help you return the best possible return for the market you are in

  • How does Privy help new investors?

    Real estate investing can seem complex, creating uncertainty about what will work, where to start, and what to do next. This state of mind produces anxiety about the risk and guesswork needed to be successful. But Privy offers a fix for this.

    The once-unpredictable deal, with its many moving parts that cause uncertainty and risk for investors, is now a streamlined, easy-to-understand process that works for you. Privy provides the data points and the deal knowledge you need to uncover profits and accurately predict startup costs and sell timelines.

  • Can I get help setting up or using my Privy account?

    Privy has a Customer Success team that is happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding account setup or initial onboarding. You can reach them directly with the form above or our “in-app messaging” system (blue chat icon in the lower left-hand corner).

    Privy's software platform has built-in tutorials with videos as well as a learning center, specifically designed to get you quickly up and running. There are articles, tips, tricks, videos, and more. 

  • Do you provide training and support?

    Privy has an on-demand learning center so you can learn as you go.  There are hundreds of articles, tips, tricks, videos, and more. We also offer live demos, webinars, and virtual events to help you see our software in action. 

    You can always contact our Customer Success team directly with the form above or our in-app messaging system (blue chat icon).

  • What does Privy offer for real estate agents and brokers?

    Designed for agents who are looking for a competitive advantage, Privy offers an intelligent approach to analytics and automation you find anywhere else. Taking the market knowledge of the MLS, that agents already have, our software combines investor activity and tracking to provide massive amounts of real estate data and deliver its findings in digestible pieces that can be consumed in less than a half-hour a day. Privy will save massive amounts of time, keep you informed, minimize your risk, and ensure you are making strategic decisions.

  • How does Privy work for advanced investors?

    As an advanced investor, you’re ready to expand into new markets and broaden the reach of your portfolio, Privy is a springboard for you. 

    With Privy, you can harness your existing knowledge of real estate investing and unearth previously untapped resources to instantly find lucrative deals. In this highly competitive industry, you will be given a head start. Knowing where to go to find spreads is essential and it just got a lot easier.

  • Does Privy's software work for wholesalers?

    Wholesalers love Privy. We make it easy for you to prove value, and showcase and share properties with our LiveCMA™ technology. You can email properties with notes to as many people as you like in seconds.

  • When will Privy be coming to my market?

    Privy has a very aggressive growth schedule and has launched in several new markets in the last few months. If we are not currently available in your market please contact us (use the chat bubble—bottom left) and let us know where you are located and we’ll let you know approximately when Privy will be in your market. You can also visit our Markets page to view current and future Privy market locations.

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