What is Privy REI Software?

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The fastest way to investing success, Privy empowers you to find and track the very best real estate investors and replicate their strategies to grow your portfolio. We also have the freshest data, and we deliver comparables, analytics, off-market leads and on-market deals to grow your portfolio.

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How is Privy Different from Other Software?

Privy gives you a competitive advantage with its unique process of compiling multiple live data sources in one place. Privy will have you optimizing your investment strategy and converting more deals into offers in 1, 2, 3. Privy offers an easier way to acquire residential real estate and helps you to navigate local markets by:

Tracking all successful investment activity across the country


Using the information collected to identify profitable investment opportunities and leads unique to you


Automatically finding and analyzing similar deals with a simple click

Privy software

Why Privy?

Privy finds, analyzes, and tracks the activity of the best real estate investors in the country in real time. Our CMA technology uses real time data and powerful comping algorithms to analyze comparables and investor activity.

Automated Deal Finding

Using Privy's powerful comping algorithms our users can turn on a deal finding machine that delivers deeply discounted deals directly to the inbox of our users pre-comped out and ready to write offers on.


The best data

Privy is the only platform that combines real time direct MLS data, public record data, off-market leads, rental data, multi-family properties all in once place - NATIONWIDE. Here's a short list of some of the off-market leads we're bringing in.

- Assessor's Data
- Transaction History
- Inter-family Transfers
- Tired Landlords
- Corporate Owned


- Owner Information
- Pre-Foreclosure/Auction/Foreclosure
- Vacancy Information
- Zombie Properties


- Mortgage and Deed data
- Short Sale Data
- Absentee Owners
- Cash Buyers


Investor Activity - Before and After

Privy is the only technology that track the hottest areas to invest based off of investor activity. We compile all the before and after pictures and data showing you gross profits and timelines.


Tools to help you grow

Privy is growing quickly and we’re adding new markets all the time. See all markets.

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Heidi Silva - Fix and Flipper


Christian Chase - Investor / Agent


Carl Woodard - Wholesaler / Investor


Shaun Young - Investor / Wholesaler / Coach


Joanna Brown - Investor / Real Estate Staging


Michelle Hudnall - Real Estate Agent / Property Manager


Mark Groscup - Investor Focused Agent


Emma Travis Howard - Investor / Landlord


Ajani Corneiro - Fix-n-flipper / Agent


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