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Privy Real Estate Investing Software Provides Actionable Investor Data from Hundreds of Sources in a Single Platform

Privy gives you the knowledge, confidence, and decision-making power to succeed like never before.



   Accurate and Optimized Real-Time Metrics All in One Place

Privy is the ONLY residential real estate investment platform with direct-to-MLS feeds. Privy also offers county record data and several third-party integrations. Having diverse data sources in one place, allows you to get a holistic view of your market (or any market in the country) in one place. Privy also generates highly targeted deal prospects for its users. With the introduction of long-term rental data, Privy provides greater accessibility in targeting your investment approach. With unique search parameters, you can instantly access the information you want and stop relying on multiple software platforms. Find Cash Buyers and Foreclosures in the same search as single-family Rental Ratings and Projected Cap Rate.


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   Track and Analyze Comprehensive, Nationwide Comp Activity

With access to over 150 million properties across the country, Privy is now offering over 97% coverage and tracks all successful investment activity in these major markets. Privy's technology uses your specific preferences to locate deals that meet your needs, whether you are an investor or an agent,  in record time. Known as the Auto Deal Finder, this feature, along with Live Comparative Market Analysis ( Live CMA™), highlights the best, most complete collection of comparables available.  From MLS property status to active properties, pending, under contract, sold, and rental prospects, Privy offers reliable information on markets nationwide and exclusively shares specifics, including property and investor ownership updates: before and after photos, timelines, prices, partnerships, and more to help you make your next move. 


   Align Your Investment Strategy with Goals

Privy shares the strategies of the country's top residential real estate investors and creates a blueprint for your success by determining an applicable investment strategy based on your preferences and the success of multiple comps. Level up your real estate investing strategy. Leverage Privy to help determine your highest-potential deals and how you will reach your investing goals. Privy's exclusive integrations allow you access to construction projects' before and after photos, timelines, renovation and rehab prices, industry-leading partners and tradespeople, and more. Whether you are a private investor, real estate agent, landlord, or member of a team, Privy can help you upgrade your investment strategy. 

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   Build Personal Wealth and Become a Trusted Advisor

Privy reduces low-value, routine tasks through automation and lets you spend time focusing on building your portfolio and growing your bank account. Tailor your Privy account preferences to find deals efficiently and accelerate your personal and professional growth. With insight into the industry's best practices from real estate investing's best, you will be able to offer the same expect knowledge when connecting with new clients, partners, and colleagues. Maximize your knowledge, returns, and your investment strategy with Privy.

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Privy's new release is an all-in-one suite of real estate investment software tools.