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Real Estate Investing Tool Demo

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Identify Deals

Identifying profitable deals is a necessity for real estate investors. Privy finds properties that are available now in your ideal neighborhoods, and gives you all the neighborhood and similar sale data you need to make fast, smart decisions.

Review Instant Comps

Accurate and up-to-date comps are key in order to accurately analyze a property’s investment potential. The days of receiving three sold comps and determining if the property is a good investment are long gone. Privy provides a roadmap of what others are doing and whether or not it’s working. You decide what’s worth it for you.

Market Knowledge

Market knowledge is a key piece to any investor’s success. Knowing what is happening in your real estate market is difficult.You can’t rely on anecdotes and inner circles to build a successful real estate business. You must monitor your market data and automate your insights to maximize your time. You need to know what’s heating up, what areas are cooling off, where people are making the most profit, and more.