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What makes Privy smart?

The First Step To Being An Amazing Real Estate Investor Is Knowledge.

Gain decades worth of real estate investing knowledge in minutes. Privy has a whole host of features that will give you the knowledge you need to make and keep making intelligent decisions, minimize risk and maximize profits. Below are a few of our favorites.

Smart Zones

Smart Zones are the future of investment real estate automation.

Pulling comps from within zones whose boundaries were carefully crafted produces dramatically better comps, deals and analysis saving the user enormous amounts of time they would otherwise spend filtering through false positives/deals and bad comps.
The logic is simple really. If you are using a radius (¼ mile, ½ mile, etc) to search for comps, deals or to run any sort of analysis the results will be skewed in a major way as you’ll adding comps to the equation that simply shouldn’t be there.

Hot Area Locator

Finding the best and most profitable areas to buy investment properties is no easy task.

Add to the equation your specific price range, ideal ROI, the type of deal you are looking for AND the fact that the market is always changing and the process quickly becomes overwhelming. But with Privy it’s simple. So simple in fact, you can determine the hottest areas to buy investments and set the system to notify you of market changes in less than 60 seconds.

Investor Activity

One of the best things you can do with Privy is see what other investors are having success with.

Seeing what other investors are paying for properties, what they are doing to them, what they are selling them for and how long the whole process is taking is easily the best information any investor on any level can have. Everyone knows that emulating the pros is a fast track to success and now the ability to do just that is available for the first time to real estate investors.

Deal “Type” Searches

Searching by specific types of deals

There are several different “deal types” (Fix-n-Flip, Pop-Tops, Teardowns) Privy specializes in. Whether you are looking for a deal, the best area to invest for a certain type of property or want to analyze a property for its investment potential, Privy can not only easily handle those requests but can automate the entire process.

  • Privy deal types flips


  • Privy deal types Pop-Tops


  • Privy deal types Teardowns


Comps In Real Time

Privy has direct data feed with your local MLS.

All sold, under-contract, pending and active comps are at your disposal. Privy also takes things a step further and creates and includes “investor comps”. Investor comps are real life examples of successful investment properties that match what you are attempting to do and in the exact same area. These comps include before and after figures, photos and timelines, help deliver a game plan, minimize risk, build confidence and practically ensure you’ll get lending (if needed). Analyzing properties with Privy is not only fast and accurate but remarkably easy.


Privy automatically builds CMA's (Comparative Market Analysis) using near real time comps for any property it considers a deal and any other property you are interested in. With Privy's LiveCMA technology you can make quick work out of analyzing groups of properties.

LiveCMA’s update automatically with status changes, price changes and new comps providing a whole host of usefulness. They can also be shared with whomever you like and will updated for them as well. Smart, very smart.

Privy is smart, very smart

Privy Empowers It’s Users, Giving Them The Self-Service Tools They Need To Solve Real Estate Investments Biggest Challenges.

This intelligent, data-driven and personal approach to real estate investing is helping thousands of investors elevate their overall knowledge and become independent, intelligent investors. If you are serious about real estate investing, Privy is a must-have.

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