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Real Estate Investment Software for Investors

Analyze the market in minutes

Run comps in seconds, get after repair value at the click of a button

Automate those tedious tasks

You don’t have to rely on your busy Realtor to keep your real estate investing business moving forward — find deals that you didn’t know existed.

Automatically analyze your local market and get deals in your inbox as soon as they hit the market

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Get deals automatically sent to your inbox everyday, or browse deals and comps online in real time

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Spend time closing deals, not clicking around the MLS

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With our Deal Finder, and Live CMA reporting, you’ll never let a deal slip past you

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Educate yourself on the market and learn what other investors are having success with

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Gain the confidence you need to start writing offers and winning deals

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Find deals on and off the MLS

If you're like most investors, you probably find deals from mailers, wholesalers, probate and referrals. Don't worry, we have you covered.

  • Analyze investor comps for off-market properties
  • Find out the rehab strategy the most profitable flips are using in any neighborhood. Get the remodel right with Before + After Photos of flipped properties.
  • Create marketing material for your wholesale at the click of a button
craig renz

"The investor comps allow me to check out other flips, and see what’s working in the neighborhood. I can get a valuation within 30 seconds of looking at the page, instead of ten or fifteen minutes it takes to draw a radius and put your specs in their for comps."

Run comps in seconds

Analyze properties or even entire neighborhoods with the click of a button

  • See investor comps including before and after pictures, hold times, and profit
  • Find out what other investors are paying for deals, and at what price they’re selling
  • Get an experiential understanding of the current state of the investor market that you can’t get any other way

Whether it’s your first deal or your 100th, Privy will help you close it

Privy works around the clock to analyze your local market and sends you profitable deals, automatically

  • Learn from real market data, it’s Like having a mentor with 30 years experience.
  • Track properties through the flip cycle and see when investors bought, their holds time, their finishes etc...
  • Track deals from start to finish. See what the properties you missed ended up selling for
  • The easiest way to learn an entire new market, or just a new neighborhood
  • Market your wholesale deals with our LiveCMA™ report. Your buyers will love the data
  • Get notified when a property falls out of contract, and be the first to jump on the small window of opportunity


Join the Privy community and get connected to fellow investors, real estate agents, hard money lenders, contractors, and buyers.


Get answers to your questions from those that are out in the field closing deals and gain access to free education to help you become a better investor.


Think real estate investing is hard? We’ll share other Privy member success stories and show you what they’re having success with.

Finance your next deal with Privy financing

As a Privy™ member you’ll get exclusive access to financing sources you wouldn’t otherwise have. We’ll help you find, analyze, and even finance your next deal.


Spend your time closing deals, not clicking on links

Privy works around the clock to analyze your local market and sends you profitable deals, automatically.