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Privy Partner Pace Morby

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Since its inception, the Privy Partner Program has worked with some of the most recognizable faces in real estate investing, like successful investor, entrepreneur, and strategist, Pace Morby.  

Read all about Pace's experience working with Privy. 


Privy Partner Program Details

Why Privy?

Privy was designed to help investors of all levels find great deals. As a Privy Partner, you get double the perks. Make money using our cutting-edge software to track investor activity and make money when you share Privy with your friends, followers, and fans.

How does it work?

If someone uses your Privy Partner link to sign up for a subscription, you get paid. If you have a real estate investing website, write about real estate investing, host an investing association, or even just post YouTube videos about real estate investing, our Privy Partner program is for you. Refer people you know (or people who follow you), and get paid.

What is Privy?

Privy is a software platform that is completely unique in the real estate industry. Sure, you can hop on any number of real estate sites and search for homes but none of them cater specifically to investment properties and none of them empower the real estate investor like Privy does. We help real estate agents and investors close more deals in less time. Our Live CMA allows them to analyze properties in seconds, not minutes. Our technology, created for agents and investors, automates the tedious tasks of finding, analyzing, and tracking investment properties. And as if that weren’t enough, we also provide our members with free education and support to help advance their real estate investing business.

Getting Started is Easy and FREE

Through our Privy Partner program, We offer between 10% and 25% commission on referral conversions. We let you choose which tier you want and how involved in the process you want to be! Review the Terms and Conditions to get more information about our tiers. We provide our Partners with everything they need to be successful and make money.

Privy Partner Payouts

We always pay our Partners on the 15th of the month, after our guarantee expires. The minimum payout is $100 and you have to refer a minimum of two separate customers to qualify. Please see the Terms and Conditions for details.

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Browse Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are my sales tracked?

    Partner links contain unique identifiers allowing our affiliate tracking software to “cookie” anyone who clicks the link. More than 99% of all internet users have cookies enabled in their browsers (less than 1% of all users have their cookies disabled). Once our cookie is set it never expires. This means if someone came from your website, blog, or email but purchased nothing and then came back a few months later to make a purchase, you would still get a commission.

  • What is the Partner Dashboard?

    Partners can track their own progress in real-time via their Partner Dashboard. Partners are given a unique link to their dashboard so that they can monitor their current clicks, leads, and conversions. The Dashboard also provides access to the Partner’s unique referral link. In addition, promotional materials for websites—such as banner ads—are located under the Promotions tab within the Partner Dashboard. The HTML for each banner already contains the Partner’s unique link, so they can simply copy/paste the HTML directly into their site.

  • Do you offer commission statistics?

    Absolutely. Our registered Partners can check their statistics at any time via the Partner Dashboard.

  • How are commissions paid?

    Commissions are paid through PayPal. If you do not currently have a PayPal account you can sign up here.

  • I don’t have a website but I would like to join your partner program.

    You can join even without a website! You can promote Privy by sharing your unique affiliate link using email, social media, or even a podcast. Simply cut and paste your link (or refer to it) and you’ll be good to go! Getting paid and receiving access to a cutting-edge real estate investing platform has never been easier.

  • Is there a contract?

    We have all our partners review the Terms and Conditions of our Partner Program.

  • What are Privy's brand guidelines?

    Once you join the Partner Program, a member of our team will share the brand guidelines with you to ensure you are correctly using our brand assets. By using our brand assets, you indicate your acceptance of our Trademark and you understand that a violation of these guidelines will result in the termination of your Partnership.