Supercharge Your Residential Real Estate Investing This Year


21 Mar Supercharge Your Residential Real Estate Investing This Year

Is your goal to get more deals done in 2018? If you’re looking to supercharge your residential real estate investing this year, then you need access to a real estate investment (REI) tool to help you locate more deals in less time. However, not all REI tools are created equal. To become a top investor in your market, you need a tool with features and functions that will give you a unique, competitive edge.

That’s exactly where Privy comes in. While some of the REI tools on the market are helpful when it comes to locating potential deals, only those with specific key features will truly help you take your business to the next level. Privy’s real estate investment software is powered by real-time multiple listing service (MLS) data and comes with a whole host of useful features that are designed to help investors minimize their risks while maximizing their profits.

Check out some of the unique Privy features that can help you make big moves with your residential real estate investing in 2018:

Smart Filtering

We believe that Smart Filtering is a critical component of real estate investment automation. Privy's algorithms automatically eliminate all properties that are not similar to the property you're evaluating, ensuring you're only using the best comparables. The ability to set a desired % of After Repair Value (ARV) allows you to spend time only reviewing listings that can be purchased at a discount - based off real comps - saving you countless hours sorting through MLS listings. Price range is standard on almost every type of e-commerce software, but an REI tool should also let you maximize price filtering by letting you filter by county, ZIP code, and price per square foot, and keywords. Filtering for % of ARV, price, area, and type of deal will give you a very precise set of viable investment results.

Hot Area Locator

Finding the best areas to invest in is anything but easy—that is, until you use Privy’s Hot Area Locator. With this feature, you can identify the hottest areas to buy properties in your market based off real time MLS data. Then search these areas to find deals that match your criteria, such as those within a set price range, a certain deal type, or an ideal % of After Repair Value.

Investor Activity

One of Privy’s most useful features is the ability to observe investor activity. By reviewing the activity of fellow investors in your area, you can see where other investors are having success, what they’ve done in an area of interest, how much they’re buying and selling properties for, and other key details that will help you make more confident decisions regarding your potential investments.

Search by Deal Type

When searching for potential deals with Privy, you can actually narrow your search down by specific deal type, such as fix-n-flips, pop-tops, and scrapes. With Privy’s advanced search capabilities, you can find and analyze a deal that matches your exact specifications—in half the time it took you before.


Privy’s LiveCMA™ technology pulls together all the relevant information an investor needs to accurately determine whether or not a property has investment potential. These CMAs (comparative market analysis) offer investors the opportunity to analyze prospective deals quickly, armed with the most accurate data available. This technology takes everything into consideration when analyzing a deal—status changes, price changes, new comps, and more—and then keeps that information up-to-date.

By gaining access to this unique set of features, Privy investors are empowered to make smarter, data-driven decisions regarding their potential investments. In a space that is becoming more competitive by the day, finding an edge is absolutely critical. If you’re looking to take your REI business to the next level this year, you need a tool that can deliver results. With the right tool at your disposal, you can stop taking so many unnecessary risks and start making some remarkably smart investments—backed by MLS data.

Still looking for more information on how you can use Privy to supercharge your residential real estate investing? Check out our next Deal Finding Friday and see this incredible solution for yourself.

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