The Top 4 Online Real Estate Investing Courses


9 Nov The Top 4 Online Real Estate Investing Courses

Updated March 7, 2022

Most of us, even those with a history of investing in real estate, are not experts on the topic. Yet, real estate investing is one of the most effective ways to use your funds and build long-term wealth. By putting money into residential real estate, homes, property, and units for rent, investors create an enduring source of passive income, as well as expand their financial resumes. 

One of the best ways that investors can go about staying up-to-date with the industry, or just gain insight into how to start real estate investing as a new property owner, is by taking online real estate investing courses. While there is much wisdom to be gained from the best books on real estate investing, there is always more to learn. There is nothing to lose through online courses that help investors better understand different markets and the risks and rewards that come with buying physical property.

Whether you are flipping homes, investing in trusts, or gaining passive income on rental properties, taking time to expand your knowledge is sure to pay off in the end. Keep reading to learn about some of the Top Four online courses for real estate investors!

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    1. “The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp”

      If you have access to and base knowledge of Microsoft Excel, you are ready to take this course. Created by financial modeling expert Justin Kivel, The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp is a way for beginners to become comfortable with the moving parts of building a successful real estate investment business and how to start real estate investing. Those who take the course learn how to create a thorough real estate financial model independently. They also gain the skills to model real estate transactions and deduce important metrics.

      By the end of the course, investors should feel more confident using Microsoft Excel and other essential tools when considering and planning investments. This online course includes more than nine hours of educational videos, as well as three informative articles. It is informational in a to-the-point way and highly recommended by many.

    2. “Creative Real Estate Investing & Flipping Houses”

      "Creative Real Estate Investing & Flipping Houses" is an excellent course for beginners trying to see where they fit in the real estate investing industry. In addition, it offers insight into what the industry is like for those who are more creative and interested in flipping houses vs. other types of real estate investments.

      This course answers some crucial questions for those who do not have significant experience in this field. These questions (and answers) include how to buy houses using cash and credit, how to determine the value of a property in an efficient manner, what the pros and cons are about buying and flipping residential properties, and more.

      Investors also learn about the difference between traditional and creative investing, as well as the pros and cons of both. This online resource offers some truth to misconceptions that many potential investors have regarding house flipping, including myths that might be perpetrated by reality shows. Notably, the course also discusses the ethics and legality of flipping houses.

    3. “Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments”

      "Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments" is a crucial and thorough course for those seeking success in real estate investing. It is all-encompassing, covering both simple and more advanced skills and teachings. The course includes more than eighteen hours of videos, sixty-nine downloadable resources, and nineteen articles. Being able to tell the difference between a good and bad investment is just one key skill investors will learn from this course.

      Through this online resource, investors also learn to assess Airbnb locations, commercial properties, fixer-uppers, and rental income properties. Similar to “The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp,” this course is designed to teach you how to use investment models to judge potential deals. Put together by Symon He—author of novels such as “Airbnb for Dummies,” the “Rental Property Investing QuickStart Guide,” and the “Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide”—if you are seeking to gain a thorough understanding of investment methodology, this is the course for you and other rental property investors.

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    4. “Increasing Real Estate Management Profits: Harnessing Data Analytics”

      This course offers a more advanced look into property investing and building a real estate portfolio. As such, it is recommended to build some real estate investment experience before diving into this online resource from Duke University. 

      From start to finish, it takes a savvy real estate investor an estimated 23 hours to complete, but many investors who experience it say it’s worth every minute spent! The course gives investors the resources and information necessary to improve profits for a hypothetical company. Those taking the course determine what is important for completing an analysis, use gained skills to find and make the most of data from a real estate database, execute their formed analysis, learn to manage unforeseen risks, and more.

      The course is entirely online, offers flexible deadlines, and can be taken in a number of languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, German, and more. It is instructed by expert professors Daniel Egger and Jana Schaich Borg. With plenty of five-star reviews, it's easy to see why this course is essential in the lineup of top real estate investing courses.

    Research Online Courses to Avoid Bad Resources

    While we’ve mentioned a few of the best online courses for real estate investors, it’s critical to research online resources before paying for educational materials and insights. Not all courses come from reputable or knowledgeable sources. When building a real estate investing career, investors should avoid questionable online tools and courses that don’t deliver what they promise or leave you with bad, unactionable advice. 

    Build Knowledge and Use the Best Tools for Real Estate Investing Success

    Though the decision to invest in real estate is wise, it takes effort to do it properly. Even if you think you know everything there is to know, the industry changes, and new trends arise. Therefore, it is crucial for a real estate investor to keep up with these shifting factors and continue education to gain long-term wealth!

    Taking any course, or reading any of the best books on real estate investing, is sure to be beneficial. The online real estate investing courses we highlighted today provide a wealth of information that is worth the time and money spent engaging with these resources. Investors will finish these courses more prepared for the ever-changing residential and commercial real estate world and invigorated with the motivation to conquer it. 

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