The Top 8 Real Estate Investing Podcasts for 2022


16 Feb The Top 8 Real Estate Investing Podcasts for 2022

If you're looking for real estate investing podcasts to help you learn more about the industry, you've come to the right place. Whether you're a beginner just starting or an experienced investor, these eight podcasts will help expand on your real estate investing fundamentals and keep you ahead of the competition.

Real estate is a field with plenty of opportunities, but it starts with lots of information! No matter your goals, there is likely a podcast for you. So sit back, relax, and get ready to start real estate investing with some of the best minds in the business! Here are our recommendations for some of the top real estate investing podcasts for 2022.

1. Apartment Building Investing

Hosted by Michael Blank, a real estate investor with over two decades of experience. You can find here expert advice on all things multifamily living. Blank discusses real-world case studies in his podcast and provides listeners with real estate investing tips, strategies, and resources.

A great listen for anyone, but mainly those interested in investing real estate for residential multi-family complexes.

2. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Robert Helms and Russell Gray host this fantastic real estate investing podcast. The duo interviews industry experts and successful real estate investors to help listeners achieve their real estate goals.

With cunning questions, they get their guests to open up and share some of their best investing secrets not easily found elsewhere.

3. The Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast

Hosted by Chad Carson (also known as Coach Carson), this podcast is all about helping listeners achieve financial independence through real estate investing. Carson talks about his own experience and how he achieved financial independence at age 37. His focus is on practical tips and strategies that you can use to achieve your real estate investing goals.

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For anyone interested in buy-and-hold investing, this podcast is a must-listen!

4. Rental Rookie

Real estate investing can be time-consuming and challenging, but this podcast makes it easy and fun. Emily Du Plessis, the host, has created a safe place for new real estate investors to ask questions, get advice, and learn from their mistakes. Her podcast and approach works to remove the fear factor from real estate investing and make it accessible for everyone to lead a "life by design."

5. Real Estate Today Radio

This real estate investing podcast is a must-listen for beginner investors, featuring content by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). From tips on how to start investing to the latest news affecting the real estate market, Real Estate Today covers all the bases and then some.

Listen to this podcast to understand the underlying trends affecting real estate today and how they will shape the industry's future.

6. Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing

Real estate investor and author Rod Khleif is the host of this show. In his podcast, Khleif shares the experience he's gained from owning over 2,000 properties, emphasizing increasing the cash flow of your rental property. Rod is also keen on including motivational stories to help push listeners to achieve their real estate investing goals.

This podcast is excellent for anyone who wants to learn more about rental properties and create wealth through real estate.

7. Think Realty Radio

Think Realty is an education platform for real estate investors of all levels. The podcast is just one part of their comprehensive offerings, including events, online courses, etc. 

Hosted by nationally recognized investor advisor Abhi Golhar and a slew of investor guests, you'll find a wide variety of topics discussed here: from finance to interior design.

The podcast features interviews with some of the most successful real estate professionals and tips and advice on various topics in real estate investments.

8. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Last but certainly not least, the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is one of the most popular real estate investing podcasts out there. Hosted by real estate investors Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner, this podcast covers the whole gamut of real estate topics focusing on helping listeners build wealth through real estate investing.

With over 800 episodes and counting, this podcast is a goldmine of real estate investing knowledge.

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There you have it: some of the top real estate investing for beginners podcasts for 2022! Whether you're just getting started or are looking to take your real estate investing to the next level, these podcasts will surely help. 

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