Top 15 Improvements to Make When You’re Flipping Houses


6 Sep Top 15 Improvements to Make When You’re Flipping Houses

When you decide to try fixing and flipping houses, you’ll quickly discover that real estate flipping is a new world–and you’re ready to make the most of it. The first step is choosing a property. After that, you’ll need to learn what changes you most need to make to the houses. Try these top fifteen improvements to make the most out of your flips.

Improvement #1: Update the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you want to make yours homey and inviting. Start by checking the appliances: have they been updated recently? Do the cabinets look their shiny best? Add in some recessed lighting over the counters to help improve the whole look of your house.

Improvement #2: A Fresh Coat of Paint

If you’re fixing up the house to flip, make sure that you add a fresh coat of paint to the rooms that need it most. Painting in a neutral color will make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves and their families in the home, while the fresh, shiny look will ensure that the house looks its best.

Improvement #3: The Front Door

The front door of a home often shows significant signs of wear. When real estate flipping, fixing up the front door can go a long way in raising curb appeal. Consider adding a pop of color to help make your house really stand out.

Improvement #4: Landscaping

Curb appeal is of key importance when you’re fixing up a new house. You want the buyers to have a great first impression from the moment they pull into the driveway. Fix up the landscaping around the house. Add some seasonal plants, trim back any bushes, and keep the lawn mowed. When you’re considering real estate flipping, this simple change can have a big impact!

Improvement #5: The Driveway

If the driveway is rutted, broken, and cracked, it can be a turnoff for potential buyers. Instead, clean up the driveway and make sure that it looks its best for potential buyers. Consider pouring concrete to touch up a gravel driveway, especially in high-end neighborhoods.


Improvement #6: Open Floor Plans

Family togetherness is important! You can help create that sense of closeness by opening up some of the walls, especially in rooms that are too small. Find ways to open the floor plan and create larger, more open rooms in your house.

Improvement #7: Go Green

Look for ways to add green improvements to your fix and flip homes. In many neighborhoods, that offers the key to buyers’ hearts! Opt for solar energy, use energy-efficient appliances, or update the windows to make sure that they’ll help keep the climate controlled.

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Improvement #8: Fix the Basement

You don’t have to finish the basement to attract buyers, though it’s a surefire way to add value to the house. You do, however, need to make sure that it’s free of any leaks or drainage problems and that it’s suitable for storage or other uses.

Improvement #9: Fix Up the Attic

Is there space in the attic for a bedroom, game room, or other useful room for the new buyers? When taking on a real estate flipping project, take the time to fix up the attic and turn it into an incredible space. This will increase usable space in the house and make it more attractive to potential buyers.


Improvement #10: Fix up the mailbox. 

That mailbox is a huge part of the curb appeal of the house. A unique or interesting mailbox can create a great first impression that will stick with potential buyers as they work their way through the house.

Improvement #11: Light up the house. 

Install great lighting that will help brighten up the entire house. This will create the feeling that the house is bigger than it really is as well as fully illuminating every room. High-quality bulbs in the fixtures can make a big difference for a relatively low price.

Improvement #12: Increase the bedroom size. 

Does the house have several very small bedrooms? Determine whether or not you can break down walls to help create larger rooms. Many families are now looking for bigger rooms for every member of the family–and a couple of big rooms are often preferable to many smaller ones.

Improvement #13: Turn half baths into full baths. 

There’s something about a full bath that adds appeal, especially if you need to renovate the bathroom anyway. Full bathrooms allow more privacy and convenience for every member of the family moving into your home.

Improvement #14:  Go the extra mile for landscaping. 

This small shift in tidying up the outside of your property can go a long way toward improving the way potential buyers think about it. Trim the shrubs, add some flowers, and make your house look its best from the outside in.

Improvement #15: Try a breakfast bar in the kitchen. 

Real estate flipping is all about the small details that make huge impacts. This is a small update that can have a big impact. If there’s space for a breakfast bar, make sure you stage with stools and other items. This will help increase the impact of your kitchen and make it look its best.

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