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12 Feb What's Your Competitive Advantage?

The real estate market can be hyper competitive at times. Everyone wants a deal, and they want it now. I’ve written offers that were competing with 80 other offers, within the first four hours of...


11 Feb Calculating Comparables

You already know what a comparable is, but just in case you don’t, a comparable is a tool used to figure out the actual market value of a home or other property. There are many elements to...


8 Feb Top 5 Myths about Privy

HEY THERE, Lately, there have been a couple misunderstandings about how to get the most value out of Privy Real Estate software for your business. To make sure that you’re getting the results you...


25 Jan Is Privy Right for Your Business?

You already know that Privy real estate software can help you close more deals in less time, but it’s not for everyone. Even though hundreds of agents and investors are closing millions of dollars...

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