Why Investors Need a Landscaper For Real Estate Investments


25 Jan Why Investors Need a Landscaper For Real Estate Investments

Whether you’ve just completed a course on real estate investing for beginners or you’ve been in the game for a while, you’ll know that it pays to see the potential in a piece of property.

Being able to imagine what a structure could be can help you outpace the competition, whether you’re focused on fix-and-flips or rental properties. 

When it comes time to sell or rent out your real estate investment, you need to make the property’s value a bit more obvious—starting from the first impression. It’s no surprise, then, that one of our top tips for real estate investing is to remember the power of curb appeal. From real estate investing to flipping houses, what’s on the outside counts just as much as what’s on the inside.

If you’re ignoring the exterior visual appeal of your investment property, chances are that you won’t be nearly as successful when it comes time to sell or rent. You might receive less appealing offers or, worse yet, deal with prolonged vacancies that can cut into your profits.

So what’s the solution? To save time and money while improving returns, it’s always best to hire a professional. In this case, we recommend that you add an experienced landscaper to your team. Below, we’ll examine why.

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The Psychology of Curb Appeal

First, let’s discuss the appeal of curb appeal.

We all know how important it is to make a good first impression. Within just seconds of meeting you, others will decide whether you’re smart, successful, trustworthy, or a good leader. In other words, they’ll quickly determine whether you’re worth investing their time.

The same goes for real estate. Like it or not, prospective buyers and tenants are quick to judge. It’s a lot harder to convince someone to make a substantial commitment in a home if they don’t like how it looks from the street. However, if the property looks welcoming and well-kept, they’ll be far more inclined to walk through the front door and feel positive about their experience.

Better Curb Appeal = Higher Property Value

What’s more, having good curb appeal can impact the perceived value of the property. According to data, having excellent curb appeal can increase a home’s value by up to 7%. That can translate to several thousand dollars for a real estate investor when all is said and done. 

When building your real estate investment business, maximizing curb appeal should certainly be high on your list of priorities. Buyers and renters will judge a book by its cover. If your property shows well from the outside, from the moment someone first sees it from the street, you’ll maximize your profits. 

What Curb Appeal Includes

Ultimately, curb appeal is about the property’s entire appearance from the outside. That means a fresh coat of paint, clean windows, good lighting, and a repaired roof can all impact a buyer or renter’s perception of your investment property.

However, good landscaping can make an even bigger difference—especially during the warmer months. A manicured lawn, bright pops of colorful flowers, and healthy, well-placed trees will provide “stand-out” visual appeal. Landscaping also shows the property as being cared for, which will be more enticing to interested parties.

Even though landscaping is something that buyers will need to keep up themselves, it can make a huge impact when you’re in the process of selling a fix-and-flip. If you’re focused on rental real estate investing, a property with excellent curb appeal can attract tenants with bigger budgets. 

A Word of Warning For DIYers

It’s to your benefit to follow the top tips for real estate investing, but that’s especially true for anything regarding curb appeal. That said, this is an area you probably shouldn’t DIY.

Gardening and landscaping can require big investments and knowledge specific to different markets, depending on where you invest. It takes time to properly landscape a property, while maintenance tasks are a whole job unto themselves. You’ll also spend a lot more on plants, mulch, topsoil, and gardening tools when you try to DIY. 

What to Consider When Working With a Professional Landscaper

Investing in a property with lackluster curb appeal and adding some beautiful landscaping can boost your returns. Even if you have a green thumb, it’s often better to work with a professional landscaper on a project like this. 

Simply put, a professional landscaper or landscape architect will help you create a better design that will “wow” potential buyers and tenants while keeping cost and maintenance requirements as low as possible. Here are just a few things you’ll want to look for in a landscaping partner.

Local Knowledge

A professional landscaper will already know the best types of lawn cover or plants to use in your climate and for the soil on your investment property. This is especially helpful when you’ve used a platform like Privy to invest in properties outside of your home market. Having a local landscaper on your team can be a priceless resource, as they’ll ensure your landscaping will continue to thrive in that environment. 

An Understanding of Investment Challenges

Working with a landscaper with experience in investment properties can also help maximize your outcomes. A qualified landscaper will know that doing too much landscaping can actually be to your detriment. Since landscaping can be pricey, going overboard can cause you to overspend without yielding a positive ROI. What’s more, overly complicated landscaping can scare away potential buyers or renters.

Work with a landscaper that understands you’re looking for that “sweet spot” between wowing potential buyers renters and staying within a reasonable budget. Having great curb appeal doesn’t always mean a lot of maintenance. 

Outstanding Outcomes

Most landscaping companies will put their money where their mouth is. In other words, you’ll be able to see the results they create for yourself through a portfolio of previous work. Take a look at the landscaping company’s online portfolio and evaluate whether those properties align with your own. They might create some gorgeous landscaping, but it might not fit with the work you need performed. 

You should also consider making a trip out to landscaped properties that mirror your desired outcome and asking the property owner or manager about their landscaping services. This can help you make connections with others in your industry and community while obtaining a personal recommendation at the same time.

Landscape Gardener Laying Turf For New Lawn

How to Choose the Best Landscaping Company

The rules of real estate investing for beginners tell us that we need to evaluate potential partners thoroughly. When narrowing down the choices for professional landscapers, make sure you:

  • Ask for personal recommendations from others you trust in your industry
  • Read online reviews and testimonials from real clients
  • Assess their experience with investment properties 
  • Inquire about their approach to lawn care, native plants, and low-maintenance landscapes
  • Find out whether their services align with your budget and whether an ongoing relationship can benefit both parties

The right landscaper is a valuable asset to your real estate investing team and can become a critical partnership as you build your real estate portfolio. 

Improve Real Estate Investing Returns With Better Curb Appeal

To boost returns, real estate investors should build a real estate team with help from a professional landscaper. When you find an incredible real estate deal on the Privy platform, you’ll be able to visualize its potential. A property might not currently have the best curb appeal, but you can change that to turn a healthy profit.

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