Why Is Privy The Best Real Estate Investment Software in my area?

Privy’s state-of-the-art Real Estate Investment (REI) tool helps thousands of people just like you make more sense of the market in your area. Our class-leading real estate investment software out-performs any other on the market. While new investors can enjoy a great deal of success with us, seasoned veterans can find just about every property for sale down the street or across the country with our real-time listings.

We strive to deliver the knowledge, resources, and confidence you need to invest like a professional. We provide you with crucial data in your area that is proven to drastically improve your real estate investing portfolio. With us, you have the best real estate investing software, which will help you knock real estate investing out of the park.


When we started Privy, we wanted to combine our decades of real estate investing experience and proven industry expertise and build something better. We did it the hard way and what we’ve made brings together everything you need to invest in real estate like a seasoned professional. There has never been an easier, more-streamlined way to invest in local or national real estate markets.

We provide valuable insights into where savvy investors are having the most success in, the strategies the provide the most success, and help you find properties that you can purchase today in your area. Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or are brand new to real estate investing, we can provide you with invaluable insights you’ll find nowhere else.

Through our experience, our software offers a comprehensive way to start investing or starting investing better. At your fingertips, you have just about all you need to begin your journey to being a savvy real estate investor. It used to take years to amass the knowledge, insight, and intuition we put into our software. Now, it’s just a few clicks away.

Privy Real Estate Investment Software Features

Privy’s software provides the ‘inside scoop’ investors have been after for years. You don’t need to have years and years of industry experience to succeed with us. Privy allows you to learn what types of investments are right for you in a matter of minutes as opposed to years. Our streamlined system simplifies real estate investment so just about anyone with the drive to succeed at it can.

At the same time, a 10-year vet of the business will find just as much magic in our software as anyone. No matter where on the path your stand, you can utilize the actual software features to know the market, study what others are doing, and invest wisely.

The Privy real estate investment software features, include:

Benefits of Using A Real Estate Investment Software for Your Area

Privy real estate investment software provides a wealth of benefits to a wide range of real estate investors. With Privy, you can climb straight to the top of the investor ladder, no matter who you are.


Serious investors seek real estate agents with deep knowledge of the markets they’re entering. As an agent, you’ll get more serious business when you provide real deal data. With our software, you can be a head above the competition.

Know the entire backstory of the property, quote realistic buy and sell prices, and be a reliable source of tried and true information, not just what people want to hear.

Running our software opens the door to new and emerging markets across town and across the country. You can find the spreads, prove the profit, and rise above other investors in any neighborhood you have your sights set on.

Level playing field with advanced investors and local competitors in new neighborhoods, combine years of experience with real investor activity and emulate other investors’ successes.

With us, you can invest like an expert by having access to gameplans, strategies, and tactics that have worked wonders for others. We simplify the process so you can find deals that fit your goals. Gain knowledge while minimizing risk, build strong strategies, and winning deals.

Access billions of data points put invaluable information at your fingertips, learn in 10 minutes what it has taken industry pros 10 years to learn, and find out what investment types are right for you.

Privy allows you to locate, buy, and sell a property as seamlessly as possible. Provide value by finding deals based on successful investments, knowing the market inside and out, and selling them back for maximum profit.

Know investors project costs through a slew of resources to accurately predict a property’s sale price, have proof before the contract to find an interested buyer, and get the sales price you deserve.


How Do I Find the Right Real Estate Investment Program for My Area?

The old way of learning about real estate investing either required years within the industry or using long hours taking classes or reading books. While those strategies worked for some, they were never as robust, comprehensive, or efficient as real estate investment programs.

WIth investment programs, you can find in-depth information about strategies, such as wholesaling and buy and hold, as well as which strategy is right for each type of investor. A good real estate investment program will provide industry knowledge and help you develop a range of skills and techniques.

But how do you know how to find the perfect real estate investing program for you? What separates a ‘good’ investment program from one that’s just ‘okay’ and how to tell if your investment program is ‘great.’ Well, in addition to the basics, a great real estate investment program should have a comprehensive approach to real estate investing, a one-stop-shop of materials, resources, and industry expertise.

A great real estate investment program should:


Save You

There is perhaps nothing more valuable than the time when you’re getting started. With Privy, you can take 10 minutes to do what used to take 10 years.


Allow You To Invest With The Best

Check in on where the experts are looking to invest next and then follow in their footsteps.


Keep You

There is nothing worse than yesterday’s news when it comes to investing. A great program keeps you on the cutting edge.



Gain knowledge through our comprehensive platform, live training and events, and a host of other ways.

At Privy, we think we’ve developed the perfect blend of everything that a great real estate investment program is, and within minutes of signing up, we’re sure you’ll agree.