Real Estate Investing Tool

Privy is a class leading Real Estate Investment (REI) tool that helps you build a more complete understanding of the market

We’re on a mission to provide the knowledge you need to invest like a pro. We provide the most important data points for you to give you a new way to level-up your real estate investing. Succeed with decision-making power like never before.

The Privy Process

Step 1

   Setup Your Privy account

Signing up is simple! Immediately after signing up for Privy, you will receive an email with an access link and easy-to-follow instructions. With Privy, there is no delay or wait time between signing up and receiving access to our software.

Setup Your Privy account
Analyze the metrics

Step 2

   Analyze the metrics

With Privy, you’ll shave off hours of weekly, manual processes in locating properties. Instead, spend more time analyzing neighborhood and previous sale data to make smarter, data-driven moves. Privy is user-friendly and makes your journey into real estate investing seamless.

Step 3

   Plan your investment strategy

After spending some time in Privy watching and learning from the industry pros, you’ll be able to level-up your real estate investing strategy. Leverage Privy to help determine your highest-potential deals and how you will reach your investing goals.

Plan your investment strategy
Execute your first deal

Step 4

   Execute your first deal

You’ve done your research and analysis, now it’s time to do what you came here to do—snag your next deal. And Privy is here to help!

Real Estate Agent

Agents win the business of serious investors by standing out as exceptional sources of knowledge about the market. To learn what privy can do for Agents, visit our Request a Demo page.


Be the only knowledgeable source for your Investors

Close more contracts because you know the backstory and fate of every deal that matters

Agents get more clients that are serious and ready to move on a deal when you provide them with the deal data that is critical to your collaborative success. Get clients that have the knowledge and are ready to act—who have the insights and proof to back their strategy, who will confidently choose the right investment. These are the investors that have hard money lenders ready and construction costs in the bag and are ready to build.

  • Agents now know the entire buying history of neighborhoods —even neighborhoods you’ve never set foot in.
  • Know the type of deal. Nail true buy and sell prices. Know what’s possible and focus on deals that will win and contracts that will close.
  • Use this knowledge to stand out and powerfully compete in your market. You ready to get started to find new deals?

Investors, you can run this software, to profit in new or emerging neighborhoods across town or across the country. To learn what privy can do for investors, select your Investor Type below.


Expand beyond your local niche area

Find the spreads, prove the profit, then beat the competition in any neighborhood

Advanced investors, expand your niche areas and Privy will provide the data, knowledge, and deals for to excel in your new market. The power is instant access to what other investors are having success with.

  • Advanced investors instantly create a level playing field to compete in entirely new investment areas.
  • Your years of experience are even more powerful when combined with billions of data points including up to the minute investor activity.
  • Emulating other investors allows you to see what’s working best for any area, so you can quickly adjust your strategies to maximize your returns.
Buy n hold

Invest like the pros by knowing the gameplans and strategies that work for other investors. To learn what privy can do for New and Mid-Level Investors, visit our Request a Demo page.


Simplify the process

Find deals that are realistic and based on a bullet-proof strategy

New and Mid-Level investors, you will now have a way to gain knowledge and put it to work, minimize your risk, build solid strategies, win sought-after deals, and improve your profit spreads.

  • Billions of data points work for you to give you a new way to learn real estate investing and succeed with decision-making power like never before.
  • Learn in a fraction of the time what has taken the pros 10 years to learn. Eliminate the guesswork and risk that NEVER LEAVES even the most lucky and experienced investors.
  • Learn what types of investments are right for you and area based on successful fix n’ flips, pop-tops, scrapes, or buy and holds.

Wholesalers, you can now find, buy, and explain why a property your holding is perfect for your buyers. To learn what privy can do for Wholesalers, select your Investor Type below.


Have Investors fight over your properties

Finding deals based on successful investments is the Holy Grail for proving value

Success for you, the wholesaler depends on your knowledge of the market, finding deals, and your connections to buyers for quick sales. Privy simplifies the process by giving you the data you need.

  • Know investors’ project costs by viewing photographic proof, know buy prices, and timelines on the market—and can accurately predict a home’s sales price.
  • Have proof of value before the contract with a homeowner closes—so you can find an interested buyer and provide that investor with a full road map for a project success.
  • Get the interest in the property and the sales prices you deserve for your wholesale property.

Ready to Invest like a Pro?

Get the inside scoop on what truly works for investors.

New to investing? No problem. Privy allows you to learn what types of investments are right for you and your area in a fraction of the time that the pros learned. Privy simplifies the process as it is the only real estate investment software that uses “Investing Data Education” from live market events, investor activity, and strategies to prove the best areas to invest for every type of real estate investor and every type of strategy. 

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