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Introducing Nationwide Coverage, 25+ New Major MLS Markets and RENTAL Property Analysis 

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   National Long-Term Rental Data

Privy combines its exclusive access to direct-to-MLS feeds with over 135 million residential long-term rental (LTR) listings to provide quality investment analysis in a single platform. Privy provides an accessible and holistic approach to residential real estate investing. With nationwide rental valuations, you can easily decipher whether a buy-and-hold strategy will provide the long-term appreciation needed or if the particular market or listing is better suited for something less traditional. Generating rental comp data, rent estimates, cap rate, and more, Privy provides every user with the ability to instantly access the information they want and easily unlock profit potential.



   Accurate Comp Data for 97% of the MLS Area Coverage Area 

With faster data refresh of the most reliable national listing information, Privy provides investors and agents with accessible real estate comparables and insights that are efficient, easy to understand, and span across all high-performing markets, including 97% of the Multiple Listing Services' (MLS) Coverage Area. Spanning over 150 million properties nationwide, Privy tracks all successful investment activity, including long-term rental valuations, in every market and uses your specific preferences to locate deals in record time. Privy is the only investment software with direct-to-MLS data, introducing 25 new markets, including New York City and Charleston. With access to listings in multiple markets, Privy's powerful algorithms allow you to work all in one place, regardless of your or your client's investment strategies. Institutional-grade tools like Live Comparative Market Analysis ( Live CMA™), highlight the best, most complete collection of comparables available in the top 1,300 current zip codes

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Refresh Your Real Estate Investment Strategy with Supercharged Features

new featureRental Valuations and ROI Scoring

Privy now allows you to use rental analytics to find lucrative long-term rental investment opportunities nationwide.

new feature97% of the MLS Coverage

Get nationwide access to MLS Data. Spanning over 150 million properties nationwide, Privy tracks all successful investment activity.

new feature25+ New Major Direct-to-MLS Markets

Privy is the only investment software with direct-to-MLS data, introducing over 25 new markets, including New York City and Charleston.

new featureAnalyze Rental Comps

Privy allows you to evaluate a buy-and-hold's potential by comparing directly with existing rental properties nearby. Customize your view with new filters.

new featureLong-Term Rental Estimates

With powerful institutional-level analytics like cap rate, cash-on-cash return, net cash flow, and more, you can get insights like the pros.

new featureLive Customizable Profile Leads

Real estate agents have the ability to manage their profiles to get investor leads and access Private Remarks and Agent details.

new featurePreferred Agent in Each MLS Coverage Area

Agents get the chance to be featured within an MLS coverage area as a Privy Preferred Agent and increase their access to investor leads.

new featureCentralized Data with Updated Partners

Privy gets its live data from an updated list of 47 of the fastest, most accurate, sources, using data science to make projections for nationwide areas.

updated featureInvestor Activity & Strategies

An improved dashboard allows users to get better custom comp information and insights. Side-by-side comparisons make tracking successful opportunities easier. 


updated featureMore Off-Market Leads

Improved third-party data generates highly targeted deal prospects and centralized search parameters provide access to specific targets like Cash Buyers, Foreclosures, and more.

updated featureAuto Deal Finder

Tell Privy your or your client's strategy and Privy will instantly find all the available deals in your market with criteria-based machine learning. Save and track properties as the build your strategy.

Real-Time Deal Alerts

Never miss an important deal again! Set up simple searches and easily get notifications sent directly to your inbox when a match is made.


Renovation Activity and Photos

Privy exclusively shares property updates through investor ownership like before and after photos, timelines, prices, partnerships, and more. Use this information to create an easy-to-follow roadmap for your next investment.


Bulk Uploads with Comparatives

Upload a list of properties and Privy will build a comp analysis for each property on the list, instantly. In seconds, you'll have comps, county record data, MLS data, investor activity, and more on any property you want.

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